Top 7 web3 marketing agencies

Top 7 web3 marketing agencies

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As we hurtle into the future and the dawn of WEB3 we thought it was time we looked at some of the WEB3-ready marketing companies. After all, if you need help to promote your WEB3 project or just need help finding the best WEB3 marketing strategies, then it pays to know where to look. 

Before we go further though, let’s explore WEB3 itself and perhaps glean some understanding of what it is, what it means, and how WEB3 will change marketing forever.

We’ll start with WEB1, or the web as it was known then. WEB1 was Tim Berner-Lee’s gift to the world. A global hyperlinked network that shrunk the world, killed teletext, and brought us delights like Life-Journal, YAHOO, and It began on posh networked supercomputers in the laboratories of academia before quickly proliferating around the globe. Well, as quickly as it could on dial-up modems.

Next, WEB2 arrived we cut out the modem middlemen. As the technology progressed, the web became mobile and soon teenagers everywhere could share memes, cat videos, and nudey pics rather than talk to their parents at the dinner table. If WEB1 gave us the world, WEB2 put it in our pocket. 

Next comes WEB3, and if WEB1 was the beginning, WEB2 was mobile, then the defining feature of WEB3 will be decentralisation.

In short, WEB3 will bring blockchain to the internet like Tik Tok brought us sea shanties.

Sure, there’s more to it, but since we’re here to talk about WEB3 Marketing Agencies, we feel our work is done. Now we’ve discussed the science, let’s get to the dessert as we proudly present seven magnificent WEB3 savvy agencies all ready for the next iteration.

Lunar Strategy

Well, this is our article. That said, as blockchain and crypto marketing specialists already, Lunar is an obvious choice to lead the pack. Plus, let’s not forget Lunar recently made headlines by offering its services as functional NFTs.


Established in 2019 by former directors of OKEx and Paxful, Blockwiz is a leading crypto marketing agency that specializes in bespoke marketing strategies for Web3 brands.

1. Blockwiz has a strong track record of over 450 successful crypto projects across NFTs, Metaverse, Play2Earn, and DeFi

2. Boast a full stack crypto marketing suite: Influencer Campaigns, PR, Community Management, Management Consulting, SEO, and Content Marketing

3. Complete Web3 Creative Studio: End to end social media management, inhouse video production, content writing, design,  branding and email marketing.

Coinbound, as the name suggests, is a cryptocurrency specialist agency, but the company has also worked with leading names like Etoro.

Single Grain

Unlike most of the others on this list, Single Grain don’t describe themselves as blockchain, defi, or crypto specialists, but considering the pedigree of this world famous organisation, it’s safe to say they’ll be gearing up for WEB3.

Ninja Promo is an agency specialising in startups and younger companies, particularly those in the tech sphere. As you’d expect this niche includes a good number of blockchain and crypto companies.

You can see from the Hype Partner’s website that the Blockchain focussed organisation is already prepped for WEB3.

  Kryptonite is a veteran compared to every other company on our list. With over 20 years in digital marketing, you can be sure that a company that has already successfully navigated the switch from WEB1 to WEB2 is ready for whatever WEB3 has to offer.

So, there we have it. Seven magnificent WEB3-ready marketing agencies. So, you can’t blame us if you’re still taking out PPC Google ads when WEB3 hits.

Tim Haldorsson

Tim Haldorsson

Tim first stepped into the crypto world in 2017 and has never looked back since. Now CEO of crypto and NFT marketing agency Lunar Strategy, he’s contributed to a number of respected crypto publications and is always into talking all things tech.

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