We have you covered with our wide range of services and expertise. The marketing strategy that we layout is based on your company’s business needs and goals, and we keep an ongoing dialogue to stay updated.

Discover all our services below.

Paid Ads

From Google to Instagram, we will assemble high-level and professional Ad campaigns optimised for your search terms. We will also monitor the performance and provide you with an in-depth monthly analysis report, which will enable us to pursue towards set goals.

Instagram Ads

Instagram is a great entertainment app with plenty of chances to reach people in their downtime.

Twitter Ads

Twitter is great for increasing brand awareness and posting the latest news.

Facebook Ads

Reach millions of users and engage targeted audiences with Facebook Ads.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is known for being the best option for finding great business contacts and serious collaborations.

Quora Ads

Build authority on topics, trends, drive traffic to your site, and help improve your website conversions with Quora Ads.

Social Media Management

Engaging your audience frequently on social media will make them remember you, but most importantly, a loyalty bond will be formed and maintained. We will provide you with on-brand content and audience-grabbing post copies that will wow your community and beyond.

Community Management

Once you have a community, you also have to take care of it and give the members attention.

Social Media Content

Frequent engagement with your audience on social media will make them remember you.

PR & Influencer marketing

We will identify publications where paid press releases, sponsored articles, and organic posts could potentially be published, and ensure to pitch articles that will benefit both publishers and you.


We will also carefully select influencers in accordance with the needs and potential of young audiences in order to provide quality financial news and analysis.

Crypto Influencers

Crypto Influencers are redefining how young audiences get their financial news and analysis.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most effective remarketing method out there. We set up a seamless email marketing strategy for you.

Public Relations

Public Relations We send over a list of possible publications where we could publish paid press releases, sponsored articles, and organic posts.

Community building

In the world of crypto, the community is everything. We have strategies and the ‘know-how’ to bring new people to join your community in conjunction with increasing engagement and interaction across platforms such as Telegram and Discord.

Coming soon.

Other Services

Lunar Strategy specializes in crypto and that helps us learn about the latest.

Content SEO

Web content that is optimized to search engines is key for ranking high on SERPs

Landing Page Optimization

There are many technical aspects when it comes to the optimization of your landing page.

Exchange Listing

Once you have created your cryptocurrency coin, you will also most likely want to list it on the exchange market.

What happens when
I hire Lunar Strategy?

When you hire Lunar Strategy, you get an external digital marketing team that drives your entire digital marketing towards measurable results. The marketing strategy that we lay out is based on your company’s business needs and goals, and we keep an ongoing dialogue to stay updated. The work is planned three months at a time and is held together by a project manager from Lunar Strategy. 


The specialists who are part of the team are adjusted when needed, based on what the focus is. We have specialists within most aspects of digital marketing and ensure that you always have access to the expertise you need in order to succeed. 


The starting point for all work is your business goals, which are translated into key figures that we measure and report on to you. This way, you get follow-up that has a clear connection to what you and the company want to get out of the investment you make in us. You get all this at a fixed monthly price that corresponds to approximately one employee.

Meet The Lunar Team


Tim Haldorsson

Head of PR
Gothenburg, Sweden

Shann Holmberg

CMO - Head of Growth
Lisbon, Portugal

Jack Haldorsson

Head of Influencer Marketing
Lisbon, Portugal

Adam Westerén

Head of Community Growth
Gothenburg, Sweden

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