Industries & Expertise

We work exclusively with crypto, NFT, Gamefi and Defi companies. This is because it’s here our expertise lie. We are unable to assist all companies and only focus on growth-ready companies that will gain value from our services.

Our industries & expertise

Crypto & NFT

Grow your Crypto or NFT business and let us help attract and convert more customers.


We help a wide range of SaaS companies growing their lead generation online.


Professional funnel advertising optimized for generating leads for B2B.

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What do clients think about us?

With Lunar Strategy’s help, our company was able to recognize our target market, and the campaigns have successfully generated leads. The team proactively and effortlessly touches base on Slack, ensuring a seamless collaboration.

— Romain Retailleau

-Marketing Director, DBLR

Lunar Strategy’s efforts yielded good results, and the client was satisfied with their service and performance. The team was great at communication, and they were open, transparent, and available at any time. They used Slack, Zoom, and WhatsApp to communicate. Overall, they were easy to work with.

— Tristan Reinsma

-CEO, Rein-Commerce BV

Thanks to the timely contributions of the Lunar Strategy team, the company saw their CPC and CPL go down significantly. The company was most impressed with the team's commitment to the project and would recommend their services to anyone who needs them.

— Wouter Spruijtenburg

-Director, Ecom Waves Group

It has been great to work with Lunar, from the start we built up the strategy together and create a great foundation for my project. Definitely, they bring a lot of value to the table!

— Pepeklist

-Founder, Hypecloud

I can greatly recommend Lunar Strategy to everyone who has questions around digital marketing and how you optimize campaigns to the core.

— Carl Svensson

-Marketing Manager

I was happy to work with Tim, Kevin and Christina. They helped with setting up Google Ads and Facebook ads giving splendid results.

— Kimmo Hakonen

-Scrum Master at DaGear AB

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