Pixel Pix


Pixel Pix is the first play-to-earn game where players have the opportunity to create their NFTs 'from scratch,' or more specifically - from a pixel. Pixel Pix features an iconic design while keeping the familiarity and nostalgia of 'the pixel.' the main idea is construct a vast digital world where pixels are the atoms and the building blocks of the PIXELVERSE environment and economy.

The Scope

Paid Ads

We assemble high-level and professional Ad campaigns.

Influencer Marketing

We carefully select influencers in accordance with the needs.


Pixel Pix is a crypto gaming company that wanted to grow their social media. When we started working with them they had around 7,000 followers on Twitter. Their main goal was to grow the community and get them more engaged.


Our solution was to use influencer marketing on Twitter as well as YouTubers to show their audiences about Pixel Pic. We started with creating a brief about the project that we sent out to some of our top gaming influencers that we have worked with. Many of them were interested in working with us on this project. We decided to do a Gleam Giveaway competition in order to make sure that we got the most out of each influencer and that we could collect the emails as well.

Key results

We managed to grow the community to 12,900 followers, an increase of around 85% new real engaged followers on Twitter.

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