Top 8 NFT & Crypto PR agencies

Top 8 NFT & Crypto PR Agencies

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We often see an NFT or crypto project blow up and pin it down to a lucky break, but we never stop for a second to peek underneath to catch the crucial work crypto PR agencies are doing to make that magic happen. It is the work of seasoned crypto professionals which can bring a project to life. 

Here is our pick for the eight best PR agencies that can rocket your project from the eyes of a few into the eyes of many.

Lunar Strategy

First on our list is Lunar Strategy, an established crypto growth and marketing agency on track to become the prominent marketing industry within Web3. Specialising in NFTs, Lunar Strategy helps projects grow their social media presence, contact influencers and even run paid ads. Run by a team of experts, each team member is specifically trained in their field, bringing real value to each project that they touch.

Based in the crypto capital of the world, Lisbon, Lunar Strategy has already helped a multitude of projects scattered across the crypto-sphere reach their growth and marketing goals, such as Game Starter. On top of this, their expert writers will help plan, produce and publish content that fits your project’s image, tone and approach. 

Book a free consolation with Lunar Strategy here and see the results start rolling in.


Jukebox has established itself as the leading NFT and Web3 PR company for music-focused crypto projects, a unique music-orientated marketing agency. Even going as far as helping the Atari Metaverse Gaming project, Jukebox is a needle in a haystack kind of PR firm. 

Having experience with real-life music projects advertising for festivals, individual artists and even entire labels, Jukebox can give music-based crypto projects the connections they need for success. 

One case study that stands out within the NFT sphere is the Sven Vath NFT drop, helping the artist release his unique NFT collection, including a virtually autographed photo and unreleased tracks. 


Moving on to an agency with years of experience in the crypto marketing game is Blockwiz. An award-winning crypto advertising agency, Blockwiz and their expert team have completed over 1800 successful campaigns, boasting 85 team members.

Their client list is equally as impressive; KuCoin, Huobi and CryptoBiz, to name a few. Established brands reach out to Blockwiz for their global reach, having amassed over 100 million youtube views and 10 million impressions on Telegram and Twitter.

Their data-driven approach helps them maintain a diverse portfolio of services, such as social media management, content writing and search engine optimisation. You only have to reach their testimonials to see how prominent they are in the industry. 


In direct competition with Blockwiz is CryptoPR, touting themselves as the number one crypto marketing agency. Like Blockwiz, CryptoPR boasts some of the most recognisable brands in the crypto industry as previous clients such as, Binance and Cryptopia. 

Their deep media connections help all their partnered projects get promoted on the most relevant crypto news mediums like Coin Telegraph, Benzinga, Yahoo Finance, etc. 

Guaranteed coverage from top news agencies has left CryptoPR with exceptional case studies, such as DeFi coins, which helped raise $750,000 for having their project posted on over 20 different crypto media outlets. 

Arrange an interview for your project today at CryptoPR.

Single Grain

Although not exclusively a crypto PR agency, Single Grain has dabbled in NFT marketing and is the king of keyword optimisation. Helping the likes of Amazon, Lyft, Uber and more grow their companies; it’s exciting to see a non-crypto team take crypto PR so seriously. 

Focusing on Google ads, conversion optimisation and Facebook advertising, Single Grain will and has skyrocketed their case study companies towards limitless growth, as they call it

Get a free consultation from Single Grain today, here.


The exclusive PR agency for both Coinstats and CryptoDaily, Coinbound has worked with massive names in the industry such as BitBoy and even bigger companies like Nexo and Voyager, helping them all achieve their growth goals.  

Their services span Twitter management, where clients see growth upwards of 400%, to influencer and public relations. Coinbound manages the most extensive collection of crypto ‘influencers’ spanning the biggest social media platforms like Twitter, TikTok, Youtube and more.

You can listen to their free crypto marketing podcast here or book a free consultation.


Featured in Forbes and CoinBureau as the best crypto marketing agency, Crowdcreate has helped an eclectic group of companies and crypto projects grow their brands, such as Solana, Axie Infinity and Morgan Creek. 

Founded in 2017, they are experts in NFT marketing strategies, connecting each of their clients to a massive curated list of crypto influencers to suit their needs; startups or established brands. 

Their NFT marketing service encompasses in-depth guidance every step of the way, including unique services such as NFT minting advisory and smart contract strategy, so they know what they’re promoting. 

If you’re an NFT project, book a free consultation with Crowdcreate here.


Last up on our list is Ninjapromo, a social media marketing agency specialising in unique and creative content production. They call their services solutions, believing that your growth and marketing problems will have been solved once tried. Services include marketing, from email to influencer and organic social media growth through tried and tested strategies. 

Well known case studies from Ninjapromo include Debay or Bitforex, to name a few. Ninjapromo does not expect you to take their word for it by promoting a free social media checkup for all projects.

Their work extends beyond the crypto industry, helping both B2B and Fintech companies meet their growth and marketing goals year-round.


Considering the quality of the agencies above, there should be no reason why one of them doesn’t appeal to your liking. Not all PR agencies focus on the same areas making it crucial to shop around to find the one which best understands your goals and vision whilst having the tools to make a difference.

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