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What is crypto & NFT marketing?

Crypto marketing creates project awareness, gains credibility in the blockchain community, and helps generate demand for the token. Promotion is usually carried out over several months – during the ICO / STO / IEO period.

We can confidently say that crypto marketing is completely different from digital marketing. The key to successfully promoting a cryptocurrency is focusing your energy, time, and money in the right directions, which we will now talk about.

Social media is a key point in digital marketing for crypto projects.

There are hundreds of social media sites that you don’t even know exist. The first mistake that is made when promoting cryptocurrencies is maximum activity on as many social platforms as possible. In our experience, this leads to poor marketing results on every social network.

Below are the social networks we recommend focusing 90% of your attention and budget:

  • Reddit
  • Steemit
  • BitcoinTalk
  • Quora
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Discord

Why do you need crypto marketing agency specialists?

The rules of the game in the world of cryptocurrencies, as well as on the Internet in general, change very quickly. What was a simple and affordable marketing tool yesterday is now banned. This is exactly what happened with contextual advertising for cryptocurrencies and ICOs, which came under a total ban on Google and Facebook. There are other important factors as well:

  • An increasing number of companies are participating in ICOs, including megabrands like Telegram, which are extremely difficult to compete within attracting investors.
  • The number of tokens traded on exchanges will soon approach a thousand. The emergence of a new one, without a competent marketing company, no one will notice.
  • Regulation and compliance with legal norms should also be considered.

Crypto marketing companies employ only true professionals who know and understand all the processes related to cryptocurrencies, as well as analysts who perfectly calculate only emerging trends.

Top 8 Crypto Marketing Agencies


This is a relatively new digital marketing agency that will help your business earn more. One of the main advantages of this agency is that they offer a free appointment with a 30-minute consultation. This is enough to develop an individual digital marketing campaign plan for your case. After all, the main key to the success of a marketing company is to find an individual approach and create an individual advertising campaign for each business, product, or service.

Key Benefits:

  1. Define your individual goals and create a roadmap to achieve them.
  2. Identify your competitors and study their good and bad strategies to use only the best methods that are inherent in the market leaders.
  3. Planning and developing strategies is a key step in getting the most out of your money. This is what DaPixel does.


Ninjapromo is a full-stack Blockchain Marketing agency. Ninjapromo drives all aspects of SMM strategies by setting up disruptive techniques through content production, effective community management, paid social advertising, influencer marketing, PR and more. Cooperating with NinjaPromo, you can be sure that your ICO, DeFi, STO, NFT will be managed successfully.

Key features:

  1. Specializes in Social media marketing for Crypto companies
  2. Have a great team with a good track record of clients
  3. Responsive with the contact, this by using a website chat where they answer all your questions.


This is a full-cycle crypt marketing agency. ICODA uses a data-driven approach to maximize the value of a marketing company around the world. This is an agency that not only specializes in digital and crypto marketing but also has a wide range of services. They have a team of blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts and fans who have many successful projects in this area.

Key features:

  1. They specialize in Chinese, Korean and Russian marketing and promotion of your business to local markets, as well as finding money investors from these countries.
  2. They deal with real liquidity on leading crypto exchanges using AI analytics and other additional personal features. They also have in their arsenal unique strategies for developing the token market and increasing their liquidity.
  3. For marketing, they have a wide range of services ranging from website creation and content filling to analytical review.
  4. Assistance in registering your token on leading crypto and token exchanges. Promotion of your application for registration, regardless of the workload of the exchange.
Homepage Icoda


If you want to have your own cryptocurrency brand or you have a token but you don’t know how to make it go viral, then Coinbound is what you need. They focus on marketing and crypto influencers because it is considered the most effective form of digital reach. 

They are the world’s leaders in the number of influencers in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain, cooperation with influencers goes through social networks Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and others. Most likely, you even subscribed to some of them or read about them sometimes.

Key features;

  1. Get ready for over 300% growth in the first three months! This is exactly the indicator that most of their clients see in their Twitter account. They take full control of your account and do their best to ensure that it contains great content that will be of interest to the community.
  2. Search engine optimization. However, not everything is so simple, there is a huge mass of competitors, and every year it becomes more difficult to bring your site to the first place. But not for Coinbound, because they take an approach that is purely focused on quality content to attract real fans of the blockchain and the world of cryptocurrencies.
  3. Coinbound offers expert advice to analyze your business and marketing plan. Perhaps you are doing well and you only need small corrections. To do this, you can hire an expert with pay per hour.
Homepage Coinbound


Crowdcreate is a leading full-service crypto & NFT marketing advisory. Since 2017, Crowdcreate has been a global pioneer in launching and scaling some of the most successful projects in blockchain and Web 3.0 using influencer marketing, community building, fundraising, paid ads, and PR growth strategies.

Key features:

  1. They run one of the largest networks of crypto founders, investors, influencers, and creators; previous speakers at their events include CEO of Solana, CEO of Morgan Creek Capital, CEO of Rarible, and 300+ VC investors/influencers/founders in the space.
  2. They’ve been in blockchain since 2017. In 2018, Crowdcreate helped launched Asia’s fastest-selling token sale, and in 2021, they created social media content for top-tier projects such as The Sandbox. In 2022, they created an Expert Network to help projects get connected to top investors, influencers, founders, and key opinion leaders in Crypto & NFTs
  3. They are also expanding into helping projects with legal advisory, M&A advisory, capital raising, and NFT development.

ICO Speaks

When it comes to crypto marketing, ICO Speaks stands out. We believe ICO Speaks to be one of the best crypto marketing agency in 2022. Started as a social media community for investors, traders, and crypto-oriented people interested in learning more about blockchain and cryptocurrency, ICO Speaks has earned a good reputation in recent years for helping launch and promote many ICO/IEO startups projects.

With over 600k social media followers/subscribers and arguably some of the best crypto-knowledgeable staff in the industry, ICO Speaks has successfully helped many crypto projects go viral. The company has a proven track record of helping crypto companies reach their target audience.  

ICO Speaks spreads a crypto project to the world through crypto twitter services, crypto PR on news media, telegram pin post promotion, crypto social media promotion, and crypto marketing strategy. You may want to partner with ICO Speaks to expose your project to the right audience and help you build a trustworthy reputation in the industry.

The agency has 25 experts in its team and also has 30 marketing services that have already been used by more than 200 clients.

Key features:

  1. Has an impressive list of services that you need at the initial stage.
  2. The high speed of work combined with quality makes them different from other crypto marketing agencies in the world.
  3. They work on promoting crypto projects and attracting clients in leading Asian countries: Japan, China, and Korea.

Lunar Strategy

This is a digital crypto marketing agency that uses the most modern approaches in promoting goods and services and increasing business profits. Their team is specialists who have been working in the field of advertising on Facebook and Google for many years and have many successful cases.

Their main tool is strategy. They have a plan for an advertising campaign 3 months in advance. And all your business goals have a clear digital indicator, that is, a specific figure that will be achieved step by step. Lunar Strategy accompanies you with reports and remains constantly in touch at all stages of your cooperation.

Key Benefits:

  1. An excellent team of specialists in the field of Facebook and google marketing who know all the tools to achieve your goals. They also have good experience in conducting legal advertising campaigns, observing all the rules of the digital world.
  2. They have a team of experts who will help you get your site to the top of the search results. SEO optimization is one of the key points to promote your brand, business, or service.
  3. If you have bad content, you can also refer to them for quality improvement. Lunar Strategy will help you create professional web content that is not only highly informative but also search engine optimized.


You should choose an agency that pays special attention to the website and content. After all, as you know, the more investors contact the project website, the higher the amount of investment. 

From creating a website or landing page to posts on forums and specialized communities with a competent discussion and emphasizing the benefits of the project – the agency should do all this.

It is also important to be able to work better both at a long distance when a cryptocurrency or an exchange needs constant and high-quality marketing support and at a short distance when it is necessary to attract maximum leads to a project at a minimum amount of time.

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