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The marketing plan we've developed for your project is based on the objectives you've mentioned. We've outlined the services we plan to provide to help you reach your objectives and take part in the activities you've chosen in the following sections.

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Objectives & Key Results


Building up the awareness of the brand and the problems they are solving. Building up the social media community and establishing authority within your niche. Being noticed by other industry players and potential partners.

Key Results

Increase the interactions with the social media posts and grow followers. Driving valuable users and traffic towards the website or Discord/Telegram. Generate leads, sales & partnerships for the project going forward.


Crafting social media campaigns based around the events or product launches. Posted on multiple social media platforms. Add custom call to action to generate awareness across multiple platforms.


Week 1

First things first, we will start with an onboarding meeting which will allow our social media wizards to unpack your goals and objectives. We will then request to receive all relevant brand assets.

Week 2

Research and/or audit existing social media accounts and investigate your project from the inside out. Create additional social media accounts if needed, following brand guidelines.

Week 3

Establish content pillars in relation to the goals and objectives for your project. Produce an in-depth social media strategy.

Week 4

Set up the content calendar to keep all relevant content Produce the first draft of posts* * this step can happen sooner depending on various factors

Week 5+

Create content ahead of the scheduled time based on the agreed-upon strategy Measure performance and make decisions about content depending on the metrics

Case Studies

Olympus Game

Olympus Game


Olympus Game is a strategic 3D tower rush game taking place in the Greek mythology era which integrates blockchain technology and NFT.

Sahara Protocol

Sahara Protocol


Sahara Protocol is a privacy DeFi-ecosystem that connects real-world value with blockchain.

Recast1 Coin



Recast1 is the world’s first user-oriented coin that is now listed on Bitmart

Oasis Foundation

Oasis Foundation


Oasis is a Top 100 project by volume on CoinMarketCap, and the leading privacy-enabled and scalable layer-1 blockchain network pushing Web3 forward.




World’s largest all-in-one crypto index investing platform, enabling clients to invest in top crypto trading algorithms and expert-curated crypto baskets for long-term wealth.




First cryptocurrency backed by NFTs. Shared ownership and utility for blue chip NFTs.

What do clients think about us?

Lunar Strategy has demonstrated keen expertise in this field through successful and satisfying deliverables. They communicate thoroughly and responsively, streamlining the workflow and immersing in the tasks. Furthermore, their meticulousness, methodological approach, and foresight are noteworthy.

Tyler Mullins

founder of Omni Agency
Originally worked with Lunarstrategy on a Crypto launch, and later on an NFT launch, and they helped out more than I could have ever asked for. They assisted with the Community management and the whole marketing for our projects. I am very pleased with their work and I highly recommend for anyone in need of marketing assistance or trying to grow a genuine community!

Alex Hedlund

crypto founder
We’ve been working with Lunarstrategy for more than one year, and they have proved to be a great and professional team, passionate about what they do. They are always looking for the best services for their clients.


Lunar Strategy is great with PR good writers and good connections in the places crypto project want to be at. Would highly recommend it to others.

Toms Selga

With Lunar Strategy’s help, our company was able to recognize our target market, and the campaigns have successfully generated leads. The team proactively and effortlessly touches base on Slack, ensuring a seamless collaboration.

Romain Retailleau

Marketing Director, DBLR
Lunar Strategy’s efforts yielded good results, and the client was satisfied with their service and performance. The team was great at communication, and they were open, transparent, and available at any time. They used Slack, Zoom, and WhatsApp to communicate. Overall, they were easy to work with.

Tristan Reinsma

CEO, Rein-Commerce BV
Game Starter
Nobility Token
Pixel Pix
Dark Frontiers
Kounotori Token
Sahara Protocol
Marble Heroes
Recast1 Coin
Oasis Foundation
Olympus Game

Create a social media presence that attracts investors and members

When you partner with Lunar Strategy, we will get started with establishing the objectives & key results that are needed to achieve your marketing goals. Our team works in an agile way with marketing sprints to maximise the weekly output of the marketing activities.