Community Management

Once you have a community, you also have to take care of it and give the members attention. Always leave them wanting more of your content!

We will add moderators so the communities are monitored.
Moderators will chat and also help with any questions.
A community Manager will be helping the moderators, if assistance is needed.
A community Manager Will be helping the moderators, will answer DM’s from the community help manage all events.
Audit of discord
Customized discord
Embedded texts (FAQ, Informational text etc)
Set up of all necessary Bots
Landing Page for Discord
Weekly Announcements
Audit of Telegram
Create Announcements Channel
Add necessary Bots
Weekly tasks for the community
Weekly Announcements
Set up a Community Growth strategy
Creating a good environment in Discord and Telegram
Engagement ideas & Instructions
Community events ideas & Instructions
Sharing of relevant announcements (provided by the client)
Engaging with the community and taking their input about the project into consideration
Generate & Manage community events for the community to have fun (2 events/Month)
Educate the community that they benefit from helping the project
Manage all events for the community & Growth Ideas
Stay up to date with the latest community event ideas
Have our shilling team educate in other communities about your project
Get the community to spread the word about the project
Have Shilling events in the community
Shilling will take place on these platforms: Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Telegram

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