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Digital marketing and cryptocurrencies are two of the hottest topics in their respective domains. While digital marketing is shaping the future of marketing and advertising, cryptocurrencies (or simply, cryptos) like Bitcoin, are gaining popularity and the support of some of the top financial advisors, seasoned investors, and prominent entrepreneurs (yes, we are talking about Elon Musk.) People are now even acknowledging cryptos as the currency of the future. 

With everything going digital today, it is only natural that companies working on technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrencies would want to market and promote their efforts on various online platforms and social networks. However, due to the complex and constantly evolving nature of cryptos, platforms like Google and Facebook have strict ad policies for promoting products and services related to cryptocurrencies. 

So, if you are a business that wants to run advertisements on Google and Facebook, you need to be aware of both, the latest Google cryptocurrency ads policy and the Facebook ad policy cryptocurrency

Don’t know what these policies are? Well, there’s no need to worry, as I have prepared this article that will explain the new cryptocurrency ad policies of Google and Facebook. 

So, let’s get started! 

Google Cryptocurrency Ads Policy 

When it comes to their ad policy regarding cryptocurrency, Google has some pretty strict rules. So, if you are planning to run ad campaigns for cryptocurrencies on Google and their related products and services, you need to note that they only allow such ads in specific and limited situations. 

What is Allowed? 

Google allows the following: 

  1. Products and services related to cryptocurrency mining.
    As long as explicit user consent is obtained before enabling or otherwise facilitating any use of computing resources. Examples include cloud-based cryptocurrency mining services, hardware designed for cryptocurrency mining, etc.

However, Google only allows you to advertise such products and services if you are a licensed provider, your products and advertisements are in complete accordance with local laws and industry standards, and your account is certified by Google.

  1. Cryptocurrency Exchanges.
    Google also allows Cryptocurrency Exchanges to run advertising campaigns, provided that they fulfill the necessary requirements. If you meet the requirements, you can click here to apply for certification. Further, if you want to advertise in more than one country, you are required to submit separate applications for each country you want to advertise in. 

Currently, ads for cryptocurrency exchanges are currently only allowed in Japan and the USA. 

What is not Allowed? 

  1. Ads for early coin offerings, those specifically promoting the purchase, sale, or trade of cryptos and related products, or token sales of cryptocurrencies. The only exception being those ads that are explicitly allowed by Google.
  1. Advertisements that compare the issuers of cryptocurrencies or related products. For example, cryptocurrency trading or investment advice, affiliate websites containing related content, or broker reviews. 

Facebook Ad Policy Cryptocurrency 

In January 2018, Facebook started blocking ads that were promoting cryptos due to concerns related to scammers and other security issues. But now, the social media giant has rolled back the ban and is allowing advertisers and digital marketers to run their ad campaigns on the platform. 

However, it is necessary to adhere to its ad policy to avoid the suspension of your account. 

Under the cryptocurrency products and services ads policy of Facebook, all the advertisers who want to advertise cryptos, cryptocurrency exchanges, mining software, hardware, and cryptocurrency investment advice are required to first receive confirmation for eligibility. The policy also requires you to be an approved advertiser to help avoid misleading ads.

Image showing what is allowed and not allowed and what can be done with the correct permission in cryptocurrency policies.

However, if you want to run ads for promoting other products like cryptocurrency news, blockchain technology, necessary information related to events, digital payment tools, and merchandise, you can easily advertise without prior written permission, provided that your ads adhere to Facebook’s Advertising Policies.

So, there you have it; these were the latest ad policies of Google and Facebook regarding cryptocurrencies. 


Marketing and running successful cryptocurrency ads on Google and Facebook is not a piece of cake. With so many rules and guidelines in place, it becomes difficult to design a suitable plan of action. And with so much competition, it becomes all the more important to have an impeccable strategy with no room for errors regarding the policies of the platforms. That’s exactly where Lunar Strategy comes in. 

We, at Lunar Strategy, are dedicated to helping you plan crucial and actionable crypto- advertising and marketing strategies so that you can stay relevant and stand out in today’s increasingly competitive digital landscape. Book a 30 minutes free consultation with me here.

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