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Sahara Protocol is a privacy DeFi-ecosystem that connects real-world value with blockchain.

The Scope

Public Relations

We identify publications for paid press releases.

Social Media Management

We provide on-brand content and audience-grabbing post copies.


Brand building was the main focal point for Sahara, creating a branding strategy on social media and crypto media to attract new members and investors.


Lead with two narratives that highlighted Sahara's unique privacy features across social media and PR on leading crypto news sites.

Key results

Grew the social media with educational content on Twitter, Instagram and Medium articles. This helped with getting investors to join Sahara as well as made Sahara an authority within the privacy crypto community. At the end of our partnership, Sahara was also able to get verified on twitter after our PR Strategy for brand awareness & executive coverage.

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Sahara Protocol Privacy Ecosystem
Sahara Protocol - Polygon Launch

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