Recast1 Coin


Recast1 is the world's first user-oriented coin that is now listed on Bitmart

The Scope

Influencer Marketing

We carefully select influencers in accordance with the needs.

Public Relations

We identify publications for paid press releases.

Community Management

We managed and take care the growing community.

Social Media Management

We provide on-brand content and audience-grabbing post copies.

Recast1 Secures $15M


-Recast1 contacted Lunar Strategy seeking assistance in establishing their project as an authority in the Stablecoin niche, and enhancing their reputation in the crypto space.
-The key message Recast1 wanted to highlight was the project's innovative use of a consensus monetary algorithm.
-During the initial phase, their primary goal was to expand their social media presence and educate users about the project. The second phase focused on conversions and building their Twitter and Telegram communities. Maintaining the narrative of their unique consensus layer was a key cross-goal component.


-Create a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) strategy related to their niche, followed by a collaboration document with specific guidelines that would later be used to activate all Twitter and Youtube integrations.
-Create a social media strategy and calendar that would coordinate all content creation with other cross-channel activity to ensure continuity throughout their social media presence.
-Press releases, content creation and KOLs.

Key results

Authority and community building led to Recast1 securing $15 million capital commitment. This was attributed largely to press releases and social media growth, with the project increasing to 15,000 active, dedicated followers on Twitter and more than 3,000 on Telegram.

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