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The Scope

Influencer Marketing

We carefully select influencers in accordance with the needs.

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The objective was to promote a new campaign for Mudrex with the goal of getting new users to the platform. To achieve this, Mudrex contracted Lunar Strategy to find the most suitable influencers for authority-building and to develop strong, long-lasting relationships.


Lunar connected Mudrex with its network of leading crypto influencers on YouTube (some with 200k+ subscribers) that aligned with the project's audience and growth goals. Each video feature of the project saw trusted YouTube influencers review the Mudrex platform.

Key results

We successfully launched over 10 influencer campaigns on YouTube that built trustworthy buzz around Mudrex and attracted significant traffic to their platform and saw an increase of sign-ups to the platform. We got in total around 125,000 views of videos reviewing the Mudrex platform.

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