First cryptocurrency backed by NFTs. Shared ownership and utility for blue chip NFTs.

The Scope

Paid Ads

We assemble high-level and professional Ad campaigns.

Influencer Marketing

We carefully select influencers in accordance with the needs.

Public Relations

We identify publications for paid press releases.

Key Numbers Growth
Social media growth of 500% over 5 months
Discord/Telegram Growth
350% growth over 5 months. 
Market Cap
$3 million
CoinmarketCap Chart


Grow their social media and prepare for an IDO.


Community Engagement, Paid Advertising, Influencer marketing and press releases on top tier publications.

Key results

Raised the funds in the IDO, grew the social media and community by 350-500% over a 5 months period.

JPEG vault contacted Lunar Strategy because they needed help with a full scope marketing partnership. This was community growth, social media management as well as paid ads and PR articles.

Started working in December 2021 with building up the project from early stages in the marketing.

JPEGVault Twitter
Social media management
Social media management
JPEGVault Tweet
Press release and articles in Media
Press release and articles in Media
JPEGVault Homepage
Paid Ads on Google Ads, Retargeting ads on Facebook and Instagram.
Paid Ads on Google Ads, Retargeting ads on Facebook and Instagram.

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